Do it yourself vs Remove The Hassle​

Our service is not compulsory. If you want to do it yourself all the steps you need to do are shown below.

Do It Yourself

Do all of these steps and you have a working website.

Purchase your domain name​
Purchase your web hosting​
Set up your web server
Set up your email forwarding​
Set up SSL (not essential but it looks amateurish and you’ll be penalised by browsers if you don’t)​
Design your web pages
Review your webpages to ensure they comply with local laws (e.g. cookie consent, GDPR etc.)
Configure email to SMS (not essential but you’ll miss client queries if you don’t)
Tweak your search engine optimisation to increase your chances of being found in Google / Bing searches
Secure your web hosting (any website on the internet is constantly attacked)
Patch your web site whenever new server vulnerabilities are found.
Backup your website so if it dies you can reproduce all of the steps above quickly.
Renew your domain name (yearly)
Renew your web hosting plan (yearly)

Remove The Hassle

Do all of these steps and you have a working website.

Contact us
Pick a template
Give us some paragraphs describing your business and what you want on your pages.
We’ll give you a list of domain names that might suit you. Choose one.
Review / Approve your site
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